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Providing Everything You Need to Take Your Business to the Next Level
Real estate


Successful business owners should always run their business with the end in mind. There are three elements floating around a business owner's mind. Business goals, personal goals and a personal financial plan that typically helps power all of these goals. But how do you get all of these aligned to achieve your personal passions and goals for life without your business?

We proactively prepare owners by utilizing the value acceleration framework where we focus on aligning all three elements equally; all three elements build upon each other, thus moving you from very successful business owners to very significant business owners. In addition, we help implement tools and strategies to increase the intrinsic value of your business by a factor of 3-7x to get the maximum valuation if and when you're ready to exit.

Fractional Integrators

Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) is a powerful methodology to help companies create and manage growth. In an EOS framework, the Integrator is the one doing 360s to keep an eye on every facet of the business – and at some point, that person can no longer be the founder.

As a stepping-stone to adding a full-time employee as Integrator, we give you the much-needed ability to off-load some responsibility in a cautious, strategic and budget-friendly fashion.

In companies running on EOS, the Integrator reports to the Visionary and makes sure the EOS Process® is being followed, holds people accountable to their To-Dos and Rocks, and manages weekly Level 10 Meetings™.

Business Meeting
Small Business Owner

SMB Consulting

Being a small to medium business owner typically means you wear a lot of different hats and it may often feel like you’re doing it all on your own.  We offer a variety of options to provide strategic assistance – we can help be your “non-silent, non-partner” and provide an ear to listen and bounce ideas off of and hands-on assistance to help you strategically grow and improve your business.  Assistance can include things like strategy, planning, implementing, goal setting and accountability to name a few.

System & Process Review

Are you short on labour? Could you tighten up some processes to produce more with fewer people? Or get rid of redundant work so others can do more? We can assist in reviewing your operations.


Our team will assess your current situation and uncover your optimization potential. Our Optimization Service can help you:

  • identify value-added activities and causes of waste

  • determine rapid improvements

  • assess potential gains from improved operational efficiency

  • set the stage for a continuous improvement approach

Business Plan
Working Together on Project

digital transformation

Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses, from the small to the enterprise. All businesses produce and rely on large volumes of information - financial records, interactions with customers and other business contacts, employee details, regulatory requirements and so on. 

The rising complexity of technology has made it critical for many businesses to reevaluate their product and service delivery. Investing in the right systems is an investment that will pay off both short and long term. 

Our consultants will leverage existing (or new) Microsoft & Salesforce solutions to help ensure your business continues to innovate, improve its products, service delivery, development and maintain its competitive edge.

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